Prince of Tennis Challenge // Five Favorite Characters :: [5/5Tezuka Kunimitsu


Prince of Tennis Challenge // Five Favorite Characters :: [2/5] Atobe Keigo

THE KING. Severely narcissistic, impossibly rich yet effortlessly charismatic and unbelievably hardworking. That is Atobe Keigo. That moment when he steps on the court to battle Tezuka, with the whole Hyoutei on the side giving the most memorable chant in the series, he snaps his fingers,  declares that he will win and then later on drops his infamous “Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na!” line…that was the moment I told myself that I found another favorite character. One thing I greatly appreciate about Atobe is, yes, he is truly one of the most hardworking character in the series. He may not be born as a tennis prodigy but his consistent perseverance placed him as one of the strongest players. And definitely one of the most interesting to watch…his matches are my ultimate favorites! And despite being a large ham, on the surface most of the time, Atobe cares for his team and have shown that he knows how to respect other players. Him raising Tezuka’s arm after their match will forever be one of my most favorite moments. A truly noble rival. Ah! One last important reason why I love this over-the-top guy: Suwabe Junichi’s legendary portrayal. Ahn~ (─‿‿─)


"They’re synchronizing…Are they characters in gag manga or what?"

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Disney Ladies + Hobbies and/or Crafts
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As someone who embroiders, she is weaving a tapestry. A tapestry is generally woven on a loom, which is a vertical loom. Emboridery can be used on a tapestry, but in all, she was weaving on a tapestry. Maybe(I could be wrong.) she wasn’t in the clip, but she weaves. And even if I am wrong, it’s not too far off, as they are basically interchangeable. this links better describes difference and while this is used in patches, it’s generally how one can distinguish if something is woven or embroidered. and elinor’s tapestry is smooth and she’s also not using a needle.

Don’t pay no mind to the demons
They fill you with fear
The trouble it might drag you down
If you get lost, you can always be found